About Us

Cheers! While our doors flung open back in 2001, the last decade in business has been especially sweet! We’re proud to say, thanks in part to our diverse customer base, we’re now capable of being of service to the entire Australian market.

Winquote is an Australian-owned and operated financial lending services company based in Sydney. It all began for us in 2001 with an idea and rather humble beginnings. After 30 years in commercial & corporate banking, Vijay Reddy founded Winquote and focused on small to medium enterprise (SME).

Built from the ground up by seasoned characters, Winquote offers a wide and versatile lender base tailored for startups and entrepreneurs.
Our team know exactly how it feels and what it’s like. We guide clients through the entire financial process without bogging them down.
Step by step, Winquote staff are ready to make it easier to do business in this modern technologically driven marketplace.

LNow that we’re an established company with proven intermediary results in all areas of financing, we look forward to expanding in 2020.

Vijay Reddy

Vijay Reddy

Director | Practice Manager

I pride myself on an impeccable financial background and the uncanny ability to provide modern SMEs with the solutions that propel them forward. Clients appreciate my seasoned approachable demeanor and fast-acting attitude.

With more than three decades of experience, my network of lender relationships is as strong as my love for restoring classic cars. When it comes to the financial aspects of conducting modern business, or acquiring funding, I’m happy to call on my experience to help you with achieve the desired result.

While on the surface the global economy may look a bit unstable, it’s all about who you know. I believe this is truly the era of the entrepreneur and small business.

When I step away from business, I enjoy kayaking and going out for a game of tennis. Look forward to speaking to you about your financial goals.

Abhishek Maharaj

Abhishek Maharaj

General Manager

I stroll in and bring a decade of institutional, corporate and consumer lending experience to the table. As the General Manager and leader of the SME finance division, I make life easier through forming relationships between lenders and clients.

I’m also big on my sport. When I’m not helping the next business secure their finance, you’ll typically find me either kicking a soccer ball around or cheering on the Manly Sea Eagles!

Being an authoritative and experienced source of guidance is a personal pleasure of mine. I know firsthand how confusing and complex financing options can be. Discussing things and breaking them down into easy to digest bite-sizes is one of my specialties.

Once your goals are in my sights, I make it a point to follow to make it happen. It’s not just about making sure your business gets the financing it needs, but that you achieve and maintain the lifestyle that you deserve.


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