cash flow financing

Imagine a cash flow solution specific to your business

It’s a fact of life that whether it is personal or business finance, our cash flow can impede the direction we want to travel in.

With the Winquote SME Finance team on your side, our primary aim is to remove these obstacles to help you achieve your financial goals, whether it is personal or business related. We do this by securing appropriate funding for both your current situation’s requirements and for any future projects in the pipeline.

We will only ever seek a solution that is sensible and workable allowing you to move forward and increase your business with confidence!

Cash Flow Financing Explained

In its basic form, cash flow financing is where a loan is taken out against the balance sheet assets of your business such as stock, plant and equipment, debtors and, in some industries, the goodwill of the business. This is different from an asset-backed loan where the loan collateral is subject to the assets your business owns. Your repayments are based on your projected future cash flow situation.

If you need an injection of cash into your business to make a major purchase that enables you to grow your business or to free up real estate security, cash flow financing can help.

Three Main Types of Cash Flow Financing

Trade Finance

Our strong ties with various lenders means you’ve got access to a team of experienced International Trade Specialists which can provide you with short term, fixed rate finance for the shipment of goods. Our role is to ensure you have access to finance options that will maximise your cash flow.

Invoice Discounting

Common with established businesses that sell to other businesses on credit, invoice discounting is a flexible funding-only working capital finance solution to boost cash flow for growth. Businesses using this solution are looking to maximize their working capital and have firm credit control systems in place to administer their accounts receivable.


Business overdrafts are commonly known as a line of credit which is aimed at covering your day-to-day cash flow financial needs. Having access to a Business Overdraft allows you to gain access to an injection of cash to cover any seasonal or working capital provisions. One of the primary reasons businesses turn to an overdraft facility is to close the gap between payments from their creditors and receipt of funds from their debtors. In essence, an overdraft will allow your business to operate in debit within specified parameters.

Personal Financing

Financing isn’t always about your business and why we offer a complete range of consumer lending products to help manage your own situation. Here are just some of our prominent consumer lending solutions we offer:

Residential home loans
Equipment rental
Investment loans
Re-financing and debt consolidation
Personal car loans
Novated leases
Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

With the huge demand for services around SMSFs, we are proud of our status as one of the few Australian practices accredited as an SMSF Lending specialist. Given SMSF lending is an area that is controlled by rigid legislation, a great deal of expert knowledge is required to ensure you make the right decisions for your future. Our knowledge, experience and strong relationships with specialist lenders means you’ve got the right team to find the solution for your SMSF lending needs.

Is there a cash flow requirement you need to talk about? Why not discuss your situation with us and seek our opinion. We’re here to ensure cash flow isn’t a problem for you.

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